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Latis Pages Explained

Get to know each page of Latis and its primary functionality and purpose.

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My Formulation

Click "Create New" to enter the "My Formulation" page. From this page, you can start typing in your ingredients and building formulas to view impact and save each formula to the relevant Workspace. Visit our article on Creating and Editing a New Formula to walk through how to build and save your formulas.

  • Workspace: Pre-loaded categories designated as sections within Latis to group your formulas. Save your formulas to the respective Workspace.

My Formulas

This is the first page you see when you log into Latis. When you log in, you will see a list of all available formulas, as already built and saved into Latis. You will also be able to see their respective HowGood Impact Scores, Workspaces, and Stages. You can:

  • Search your formulas by Name, Ingredients or Components

  • Filter by Tags or Stage

  • Sort by HowGood Impact Score

Stage: This reflects the status of the formula. There are four available stages: Pipeline (in development or innovation), Complete (available in market or on shelf), Archived (removed from view and score calculations), or Competitor (formulas built to reflect publicly-available competitor recipes for comparison).

Ingredient Planning

The ingredient planning page allows you to input and compare ingredients in consideration for inclusion in your formulas. Type in ingredients and filter down by sourcing standard or location, and expand each ingredient to view all available options. Explore ingredient alternatives or improvements to overall impact based on changing a source location or certification. Visit our article on Comparing Ingredient Impact for a step by step walk through on using this feature.

Formula Comparison

Our formula comparison page enables a closer look at the difference in sustainability impact between formulas. Add variations of the same formula, entire categories of formulas, or competitor formulas to visualize the HowGood Impact Score across each. Expand on this insight by viewing performance across each impact metric. Visit our Comparing Formula Impact article for a walk through of this feature.



Within the analytics tab, visit the Impact report to see the average HowGood Impact and metric scores for your entire product portfolio. Filter down to see impact at the Workspace or product stage-level.


In addition to the Impact report, access the Benchmarking report under the Analytics tab. Filter by Workspace, Tags and Status, while visualizing your scores against the Industry Average. See how your portfolio stacks up against the industry average with regard to HowGood Impact Score, as well as each individual sustainability metric to start honing in on focus areas or recognizing points of excellence.


The Goals tab of the Analytics section allows you to work with your Customer Success Manager to institute goals for each Workspace in terms of HowGood Impact Score improvement. This page will display each Workspace with the goal impact score and the progress (%) towards that goal as the formulas currently stand in the platform.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment dashboard allows you to strategically evaluate high-risk areas across your portfolio at the ingredient and product level. This page allows you to filter by Workspace or Status, sort by HowGood Impact Score or metric-level scores, search by Product or Component and view formulas impacted by those components.


View a snapshot of your account settings under the profile page. Here you can see all available Workspaces and the impact metrics your team is currently subscribed to in Latis. From this page, you can also update your password, or redirect to our chat feature to ask the team a question.

Talk to an Expert / Chat Feature

Click on the green chat button at the bottom right of the site to start a conversation with our support team, or to request a new ingredient or source location addition to Latis.*

*May be subject to contract terms, ask your administrator for more information

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