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Sustainability Data Portal
Sustainability Data Portal

Streamline data collection from vendors to incorporate first-party data and improve impact assessments.

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The HowGood Sustainability Data Portal facilitates a seamless flow of information between food companies and their vendors. It makes it easy for Latis customers to gather ingredient-level data from vendors to improve products sustainability assessments and make more sustainable sourcing decisions.

For companies using the portal to submit product or ingredient data to clients, the Sustainability Data Portal helps you:

  • Ensure accuracy
    Make sure your clients have the data they need to see the true impact of your products or ingredients.

  • Drive preference
    Gain a competitive edge & strengthen relationships by providing transparency into sourcing information.

  • Reach new customers
    Make your products or ingredients available to a global network of potential clients looking for more sustainable products and ingredients, via the HowGood Material Directory.

Use Cases

Retail Companies

Retail companies can use the Sustainability Data Portal for CPG Vendors to request product information from their CPG vendors.

CPG, Ingredient Suppliers and Food Service Companies

All other customers (CPGs, ingredient suppliers, and food service companies) can use the Sustainability Data Portal for Ingredient Suppliers to request ingredient information from their vendors.

How does it work?

Latis users can generate a link to the Sustainability Data Portal directly from Procurement, and send the link to their vendors to upload their sourcing information.

1. Click Request vendor data from the top right-hand corner of the Procurement view.

2. Follow the instructions to generate the relevant link to the Sustainability Data Portal, and select Copy link.

3. Send the link directly to your vendors!

Once the vendor has uploaded their data and consented to share it with their client, the HowGood team will upload the data into the client’s Latis environment.

The products or ingredients will be displayed in Latis alongside a green checkmark, indicating that they are Vendor Verified. A Vendor Verified material is based on first-party data provided by one of your vendors for use within your organization.

For an in-depth demo on how to engage with vendors to gather sourcing information, improve impact and foster sustainable innovation, see the Vendor Engagement Demo.


The Sustainability Data Portal is available to all Latis users. To engage with vendors on gathering deeper levels of data on agricultural practices, HowGood’s Agricultural Practices Survey is available. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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