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Introduction to Procurement
Introduction to Procurement

Overview of the Procurement module - key functionality, metrics and how to use it to analyze your sourcing portfolio.

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HowGood’s Procurement module empowers procurement teams to analyze and report on the environmental and social impact of their sourcing portfolio and discover more sustainable suppliers.

Designed for food CPG buyers, the Procurement module allows you to assess the sustainability of materials on a supplier basis. You can evaluate the overall impact of your portfolio, compare any ingredient supplier against universal sustainability criteria, and discover new suppliers offering more sustainable options.

Portfolio Analysis

Analyze the impact of your sourcing portfolio.

When you upload your portfolio of suppliers and materials, HowGood is able to generate a sustainability assessment for each material. This allows you to understand the sustainability of your sourcing, compare suppliers, and identify high-risk suppliers. For each material, you will see the following:

  1. HowGood Impact Score
    The HowGood Impact Score provides a score out of 100 that provides a comprehensive assessment of your product's impact on our planet and communities, taking into account impact across 8 key sustainability metrics.

  2. Individual Impact Metrics
    Social and environmental sustainability metrics, including Processing, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Land Occupation, Blue Water Usage, Soil Health, Labor Risk Exposure, Animal Welfare and Biodiversity.

  3. Carbon Footprint (Cradle-to-Grave)
    An assessment of your sourcing portfolio’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) across the full carbon life cycle. This is measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per kilogram of material, based on the volume of materials sourced.

Search for materials by name, filter your results by vendor or tags, and sort by certification, production location or price.

Export your selection to a .csv file to share with your colleagues or integrate into your internal business workflow.

HowGood’s Supplier Database

Discover new suppliers.

You can also access HowGood’s supplier database to explore alternative suppliers that better match your sustainability requirements and goals.

Scenario Planning

Model and compare impact across various scenarios

The Scenario Planning dashboard makes it possible to explore various sourcing scenarios to understand potential changes in impact. You have the option to substitute materials with more sustainable ones or modify sourcing volumes to see the impact across sustainability metrics. Scenario Planning aims to help you find scenarios that ultimately achieve your sustainability goals. You can save any of your scenarios for future reference to your Scenario Library.

Scenario Library

Collaborate and plan for the future

Keep track of your saved scenarios, export them into a .csv file and collaborate with others on your team to evaluate various scenarios. Use the library to inform your portfolio planning and strengthen your business case for change. Collaborate with your colleagues by having users save scenarios to your Latis environment.

The Procurement module is available by contract - contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

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