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What is the comprehensive environmental and social impact of the product?

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What is the HowGood Impact Score?

HowGood is an independent research company with the world's largest product sustainability database. Drawing from over 600 unique data sources and covering more than 33,000 ingredients, chemicals and materials, HowGood has mapped the global food supply system across eight core environmental and social impact metrics that offer the most comprehensive and actionable view into any ingredient or product's impact.

The HowGood Impact Score is a measure of the overall sustainability of a product, based on the eight core metrics.

How does the HowGood Impact Score relate to agriculture, product development, and the food system?

The HowGood Impact Score uses all eight of our core metrics to give a nuanced and thorough view of the impact an ingredient has on people and the planet.

Read more about each of the eight core metrics:

What are the biggest contributors to high HowGood Impact Score impact?

Each of the eight core metrics are scored out of 10 and weighted equally to produce a HowGood Impact Score out of 100.

How do we measure HowGood Impact Score?

Key Data Sources

In addition to those listed above, HowGood draws from more than 550 further data sources.

How does my ingredient portfolio compare to others in the industry when it comes to the HowGood Impact Score?

To see how your HowGood Impact Score stacks up against the industry average, you can benchmark your portfolio score and metric averages here.

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