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How to export a Scope 3 Report from Latis
How to export a Scope 3 Report from Latis
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HowGood’s Scope 3 Report helps food companies streamline the process required to report on Scope 3 emissions. Latis consolidates sustainability data that enables food companies to comply with regulations and track upstream agricultural emissions.

To download your Scope 3 Report from Latis, click here to watch an interactive demo, or follow the steps below:

1. Login to Latis using your username and password

2. Click on Procurement in the left navigation bar

3. Check off the desired Column Options for your report

  • Scope 3 Emissions: Category 4: Upstream Transportation (MT CO2e/year)

  • Scope 3 Emissions: Category 1: Purchased Goods and Services (MT CO2e/year)
    *and any other data points you want to see in the report

4. Select the Export button > "Current Results"

5. The exported .csv file will be in your downloaded files

6. You can also export our Scope 3 Methodology using the same "Export" button

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