How to publish a product to a shared workspace

Publish your products to partner companies in the food system via a shared workspace.

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The Product Publication feature allows you to publish your products to partner companies in the food system via a shared workspace. This is useful for upstream food companies (such as ingredient suppliers) to share their products with downstream buyers (such as CPG brands), to be used in product formulations. It also allows you to track in Latis the version of a product formulation that is reflected on-pack, including its sustainability achievements.

By publishing a product to a shared workspace, you can preserve a time-stamped snapshot of a product formulation while continuing to innovate on it. The receiving party will be able to see your product’s sustainability achievements, without seeing the exact ingredient formulation. They can use the product in their own product formulations, but will not be able to edit the product.


Choco Co. manufactures a chocolate coating product that is used as an ingredient in the baking and snack industry. The company sources high quality raw materials from producers that are Fair For Life and USDA Organic certified, and prides itself on eliminating child and forced labor from its supply system. It wants to make the product available to a partner CPG in Latis, as a more sustainable alternative to other cacao-based products that have a high labor risk. It publishes the product to a shared workspace, so that the CPG company can use it in its product formulations.

How does it work?

Published products will be visible within a shared workspace under your workspace navigation menu.

You can view the timestamp of the last published version of your product from the Product Impact page, in the top right hand corner. Toggle between “Published” to view the last published version, and “Saved” to view the last edit you have made to the product, independently of when it was published.

The Product Publication feature is currently available on request - please contact your Customer Success Manager to have it enabled in your account.

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