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Data Health Indicators
Data Health Indicators

Quickly assess the overall quality of your product data, with regards to sourcing location, ingredient % and date last modified.

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HowGood’s impact assessments are updated on an ongoing, iterative basis, making Latis the leading-edge tool for food product sustainability. Companies that have access to supplier-specific data such as sourcing locations can increase the granularity of their impact assessments by integrating it into Latis when available, over time. Companies that do not yet have access to supplier-specific data can draw on HowGood’s extensive food product sustainability database and heuristic research methodology to gain unparalleled insight into product sustainability.

The Data Health Indicators feature allows you to assess the overall quality of your product data in Latis, with regards to sourcing locations, ingredient inclusion percentages and date last modified. You can more easily discern which of your products’ impact scores are modeled using your company’s exact data points, compared to those that are calculated using HowGood’s default assumptions.


  • Sourcing Location (Provided / Not Provided)
    Indicates whether you have provided a crop sourcing location for the ingredients in this product, or whether HowGood’s default crop sourcing location (based on our analysis of import/export data and your company location) is being used.

  • Ingredient % (Provided / Not Provided)
    Indicates whether you have provided specific ingredient inclusion percentages for this product, or whether HowGood’s assumed ingredient percentages (based on our analysis of 1.1M+ products in the food industry), are being used.

  • Last Modified (Date Range)
    Indicates the date range within which any user in your account has updated this product by innovating on the product formulation, or providing company-specific product data. Date ranges include:

    • < 180 days

    • 180 - 360 days

    • > 360 days

How does it work?

On the My Formulas page, three new column options are available to be added to the formula table view. Under Column options, select the Data Health Indicators to be displayed:

The selected columns will then be displayed on the formula table view:

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