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Clean Label Attribute

A product that contains a minimal number of ingredients, all of which are simple.

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HowGood’s Clean Label attribute recognizes food products that have a minimal number of minimally processed ingredients. A fewer number of ingredients that do not require high-energy processing yields products with a much lower impact on the environment.

Products that qualify for Clean Label have a simple formula with seven or fewer ingredients that are all minimally processed.

How does it work?

On the My Formulas page, you can select to add “Clean Label” as a column to your dashboard. You can also sort any list of formulas by the Clean Label attribute to see which of your formulas achieve the attribute:

If your formula has achieved the attribute, you will also see that “Clean Label” is activated on the Product Impact page. If it is not activated, you can try making changes in Edit mode to see how you can achieve Clean Label for your product.

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