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Score Change Indicators
Score Change Indicators

Visualize ingredient changes on the fly with score change indicators

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The latest improvements to the Latis interface allow you to visualize ingredient changes on the fly with score change indicators.

Any time you make a change to an ingredient from the Ingredient Detail section of your product formulation, visual indicators will show you instantly how that change affects the metrics for that ingredient, and the formulation as a whole.

A positive change will be indicated with a plus (+) score, and a negative score will be indicated with a minus (-) score:

Once you update your changes, you’ll also see the score change indicators reflected in the product overview and the ingredient heatmap:

Note: Score change indicators only show you what changes you've made during the current iteration of your formulation, before you Save your formulation. To keep track of the updates made to your formulation over time, use the Change log feature.

We hope this makes it easier for you to keep track of your formulation improvements!

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