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Adding and Filtering by Product Tags
Adding and Filtering by Product Tags

Use Product Tags to add next-level categorization and reporting filters to your formulas.

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Getting Started Adding Product Tags

From the home page, open one of your Formulas.

Note the Search Tags section on the My Formulas view.

Once you've entered the product page for your selected formula, click on the drop-down arrow alongside the formula name.

Click on the plus sign to add your first tag.

Adding Your Tags

Type the name of any tag you'd like to apply to your product. For example: sales category, sales region, etc. You will see previously created tags as options, or you can type and click to create a new tag.

Filtering by Product Tags in My Formulas View

Once your tags have been added, you can search for tagged products in the My Formulas view using the Search Tags field in the search bar. Type to begin searching for a tag, and select the tag to filter for only products with this tag.

Filtering by Product Tags in Analytics -> Impact View

Once your tags have been added, you can look at the cumulative impact of a group of products that have been specifically tagged.

Click on Analytics -> Impact to pull up the reporting view. Learn more about using this view in our article: Exploring the Analytics Tab

Open the Filter field. Here you will find the Tags section, where you can enter one of your previously created and applied product tags to add a new layer of filtering.

As you begin to type, your previously created tags will appear.

Select the relevant tag(s) and hit apply once you're ready to see the updated portfolio-level impact view.

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