Comparing Formula Impact

Use our Formula Comparison feature to quickly assess and compare impact across formulas.

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Getting Started Comparing Formula Impact

From the home page, click on the “Planning” tab in the side navigation bar.

From here, you’ll see two options: “Ingredient” and “Formula.” Select Formula.

Select Formulas to Compare

Type the name of any formulas you would like to start comparing, and select these formulas. Click "Compare."

Viewing Formula Impact Comparison

Once you've selected your formulas and hit compare, you will see each formula populate with the HowGood Impact Score noted. Click on the formula to show its ingredients.

Click on "View Impact Metrics" to see the performance of each formula across each of your selected impact metrics.

Customizing Your View

You can customize the "View Impact Metrics" view by adding or removing the columns you'd like to display. Select Columns and select the metrics to be displayed as columns:

Exporting Formulas

Export selected formulas into a .csv file by selecting the formulas and clicking Export:

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