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Creating and Viewing Products with “Nested Ingredients”
Creating and Viewing Products with “Nested Ingredients”

Build and work with your own company-specific ingredients for enhanced recipe customization and granularity.

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Create a New Formula

To create a formula, click “Create New” in the side navigation bar and select your Workspace. Work with your Customer Success Manager to create a Workspace that can house your component formulas, with nested ingredients.

You will then begin to add ingredients. You can use any combination of basic ingredients or “components,” which are formulas made up of multiple ingredients. Note that the components will be identified with "(product)" in the list of available ingredients.

View the Impact of Your Formula

If a formula contains a component, you will see a (+) icon next to the name, indicating that it is made up of multiple ingredients.

Click to expand the component to view underlying ingredients and their inclusion percentages within that component.

Edit your Formula and Underlying Components

To edit a component within the context of your larger formula, switch from “View Only” to “Innovate” mode.

To make changes to an individual ingredient, expand the relevant components to reveal the underlying ingredients you'd like to edit, and edit each ingredient as needed.

If you’d like to make changes to multiple ingredients at once, click "View Sourcing." First expand the relevant components to reveal all underlying ingredients you’d like to edit, then click to Innovate.

Save Your Formula

When you’re ready to save your new formula with updated ingredients and/or components, the Save screen will notify you which components have been altered and need to be re-saved. This way, you can update both the larger formula and the new component you’ve created.

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