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Creating and Editing a New Formula in Latis
Creating and Editing a New Formula in Latis

Walk through creating a new formula in Latis step by step from our Home Page to saving your formula to view later.

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Getting Started Building Your Formula

From the home page, click on the “Create New” field.

You will be prompted to choose a Workspace. This will select the group that you will add your product to. This becomes important when looking at portfolio-level analyses after creating your products.

Add Ingredients to Your Formula

Once you’ve selected the Workspace, you can start to search and select ingredients you’d like to add to your formula.

Once you’ve added your ingredients and optional sourcing standards and locations, you can click “View Impact” to view the environmental and social impact of your formula.

View Your Environmental & Social Impact

You can now view your HowGood Impact Score as well as the underlying impact metrics for your overall formula, as well as each underlying component or ingredient.

Once you’ve identified your ingredient “hot spots,” (those scoring poorly on the red to green impact spectrum), click into Innovate Mode to explore ingredient changes that could improve your impact.

Make Changes to Improve Your Impact

Click “Show %” to display and adjust the inclusion percentage of each ingredient in your formula.

Explore ingredient improvements by clicking into any ingredient and either editing its inclusion %, changing the sourcing standards or location, or swapping it out for a different ingredient. You will instantly see the relative impact of any changes you make.

Save Your Formula

Once you’ve completed making changes and updating formula information, click “Save” to save your product to the relevant Workspace.

Name your product according to your team’s preferences or in a way that properly identifies the product for later reference. Set the “Status” of the product to one of the following:

  • Pipeline: not yet final or in testing

  • Complete: accurately reflects the formula and is in market

  • Archived: remove the product from view / delete

  • Competitor: use to reference and benchmark

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